Keeping current

       The World Wide Web is a rapidly evolving dynamic environment and keeping up to date can be a full time (and more) job. Adding new information to your site can be done as often as daily, or as infrequently as once a year. Being able to do update swiftly and efficiently is one of L7's specialities.

The cost of speed

       No two WebSites have the same needs, so we customize each package for your needs and skill level. In general the more you can do yourself the lower the cost.

One low cost scenario might be for L7 to build the site, provide the hosting, then provide you the tools and acess codes to do your own updates. Technical support and instructions to get you up and running on your own are part of our service. OSCommerce sites are a good example of this. L7 does the setup, hosting and security, and you control the content.

The other (and more expensive) end of the spectrum is where L7 does all the work, setup, hosting and content management.

Contact us for a quote contact and to work out the finer details of your project.