Email Errors and Solutions

The Toolbox

       Here's a collection of useful tools to solve internet and website problems. Most of these tools are free, those that aren't can be purchased for a modest fee. Check them out, see what works for your IT needs. Documentation as well as extensive technical support for these programs can be found at the developers' homepages.

If you have problem with downloading any of the programs, take a look at TuCows.Com, one of the largest archives of free and low cost software in existence. If you haven't ever visited TuCows, it is worth visiting at just for the cheerful black and white cows.

All trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

      *** denotes "our favorites"

Web browsers :

   Netscape Netscape's COMMUNICATOR ***

   Explorer Microsoft's INTERNET EXPLORER ***

   Opera Opera Software's OPERA ***

Email clients :

   Eudora Qualcomm's EUDORA *** (v3.05)

   Pegasus David Harris' PEGASUS MAIL

Internet relay chat clients :

   owirc owirc *** (v.74)

   mIRC mIRC co's MIRC

   vIRC Megalith's VIRC

   xIRCon Mark Hanson's XiRCON

Usenet news readers :

   FreeAgent Forte, Inc.'s FREEAGENT

File transfer protocol clients :

   leechFTP Leech FTP ***

   CuteFTP GlobalScape's CUTEFTP

   WS_FTP IPSwitch's WS_FTP

Personal communication software :

   icq ICQ (i seek you) ***

   PowWow Tribal Voice's POWWOW

Voice communication clients :

   WebPhone NetSpeak's WEBPHONE

Teleconferencing tools :

   CUSeeMe WhitePine's CUSEEME

Push technologies :

   IMG:PointCast PointCast Network's POINTCAST