The philosophy

       Level Seven is dedicated to providing its customers with the best service possible by focusing upon creativity and uniqueness as well as upon technical proficiency. Functionality should not be compromised by style and vice versa--both should be complementary to each other. The vast quantity of formulaic and mechanical WebPages on the World Wide Web has created a sense that presentation no longer seems to be important, but it is our philosophy that providing a distinctive, professional, and original design gives customers an advantage over their less imaginative competition.

       However, reliability and speed are just as important as form and design. To better serve its customers, Level Seven also provides efficient, full-featured Internet hosting, and since one of the only constants about the Internet is change itself, updating services are offered as well. Both services are dedicated to delivering high level security, stability, and customizability.

       Internet connections are plentiful these days, but again, quantity does not equal quality. Connections at the start-up Internet providers are often poor and rife with disconnections. Level Seven has a long history of providing outstanding Internet service and offers standard and multi-link dial-up access, a POP3 personal e-mailbox, webspace, newsgroup access, and free 24/7 technical support.

       This versatility further shows Level Seven's sincere dedication to its customers, their success, and to the belief that real quality involves more than simple mechanics and resources. After all, Level Seven is committed to helping customers succeed because their successes are Level Seven's successes.