Why you need hosting

       You have a good plan to present your ideas and impress potential customers with your business online. Not only do you need to reach them, you need to do so reliably. Downtime is costly and unproductive. For this you need stable and full-featured Internet hosting. For quick decisions and lightning-fast transactions, you need speed and security. You also want your business to be efficient, and that means a low start-up and maintenance cost. L7 proudly provides all this, and more.

The gory details

Domain Hosting : e.g. Paulsfreshfish.com *
Root Level Domain Mapping : e.g. http://www.Paulsfreshfish.com
Server Space : standard service includes 40 MBs **
EMail boxes : 10 POP3 accounts on your own domain, e.g. Paul@Paulsfreshfish.com **
Speed : hosted sites enjoy the speed and reliability of our twin ATM dedicated connection
Reliability : the L7 server is protected against natural disasters while having multiple backups
Expansion : private FTP access to your site to add new material
Organization : all modifications done to your WebSite is logged for future reference
Technologies : Microsoft FrontPage and Active Server Pages for contents, RealMedia for streaming audio/video, Secure Socket Layer for online shopping, Common Gateway Interface scripts for WebCounters and forms... details are available upon request.

Support : free 24-hour technical support provided by our own L7 staff

Last words

       There are many advantages in hosting WebSites with Level Seven. By not hosting the site on your own server, you get the same services at a fraction of the cost. There is no need to hire administrators or worry about system management. All you have to do is provide the content.
Level Seven also provides service packages including web site creation and/or updates. For more information on hosting as well as these services, feel free to contact us.

*we can handle the registration of your domain name for you

*additional server space and Email boxes are available at discount