The philosophy

       Level Seven is dedicated to creating web projects that are both universal and unique. Though it may sound paradoxical, this is truly our philosophy.

       The World Wide Web is a global network, linking millions of individuals. Among these millions, different technologies are used; ranging from the hardware setup to the finer nuances of their software tweaks. To reach the largest possible audience, the project has to work (and work well) on a variety of hardware platforms, operating systems, web browsers, screen resolutions, color depths and whatever technological requirement that comes next. A good web-designing firm is well-versed in the fundamentals of these requirements. An excellent one masters them.

       The WWW is large as it is increasingly dull. Sadly, with the bundles of tools that are available; web sites are getting more and more similar in design. It is this dullness that decides whether a visitor and potential customer will stop and continue to visit or move on. To be able to utilize the latest technology while maintaining a unique quality and feel is what distinguishes a WWW wonder from an utter waste of network resources.

The application

       Universal : Level Seven web-design consists of the most widely recognized standards : HTML3.2 and 4.0, Cascading Style Sheets, JavaScript, Java applets, Active Server Pages, Secured Socket Layer, Perl scripts,... For graphics, we support the industry-standard JPEG and GIF formats. All of these technologies fully integrates into our existing network infrastructure for virtually flawless performance.

       Unique : L7 creations are our products as much as they are yours. We're looking forward to corresponding with you for your particular situation. Blindly drawing a plan for a customer we've never heard from is unpractical and frankly... not fun.

       Fast : even the most die-hard web fanatics wouldn't wait 10, or even 5 minutes for a WebSite to load. If you can't capture the attention of the visitor and hold it for the duration of his stay, you've failed. L7 hopes to eliminate any unnecessary wait to enhance the visitor's experience at your site.

       Appropriate : now that the visitor finally stops to see (and hear) what you have to offer, you have to present the contents with the right style. Fun and games is great for, but not for your stock brokerage house. The right look and feel command respect and fascinates your customers, a real plus in the world of business.

       Cutting-edge : we at L7 hopes to be up-to-date with the latest technological standards. If you have heard or seen a feature that we do not offer, please feel free to contact us and ask.

The rest

       While we specialize in whole "A to Z" packages, if you only wish to renovate your existing projects or add new features, L7'll be glad to hear from you. In conjunction with web-design, we also offer update services for web-based projects.